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"I'm just a novice in the area of research, but I am learning. I've loved the excitement and thrill of asking a question, creating the study, and analyzing the data. It has been so much fun! It also made me think in ways that I never have before. I've been bitten by the research bug, and I hope that this is just the beginning for me."
--- Doctoral candidate
What is QUERI?

QUERI is a qualitative research and consulting company that provides high quality, pragmatic, customized services, in the areas of

  1. Qualitative software coaching/training
  2. Grant writing for qualitative studies
  3. Qualitative research services
Who utilizes QUERI?

You may be beginning your data collection, or you may have your hands full of interviews, focus groups, speeches, literature, photographs, video, or audio. You may be an experienced researcher or a novice adventurer in the practice of analyzing qualitative data.

QUERI is ready to assist at any stage of your project, and pleased to work with you regardless of your experience. We will always begin by listening carefully to what you want to accomplish with your research, and we place a high priority on listening to your ideas as the process unfolds.

List of clients:

We have provided a partial list of clients. Additional references available upon request. Click here to view QUERI's List of Clients

How do I learn more?

Are you still forming ideas about your goals, or do you already have a fairly detailed plan? We will provide a range of options for you, regardless. Contact us for information on costs, time-frames, references, and examples of QUERI products.

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Denver, CO 80203

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fax 303.832.1997

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