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Customized Trainings

Using the sample data set ($1,900 per day, up to 20 participants)

Queri is pleased to offer a standard session at your venue with the data that accompanies the software. We will provide installation instructions in advance and a standard agenda that can be modified with your feedback.

Using your data ($1,900 per day, up to 20 participants)

As an alternative, you might have other data that is more appropriate for your team. In this event, we would be pleased to arrange a conversation in advance of the training to incorporate your ideas for the agenda and to develop a plan for using your data. By discussing the data, the research questions, team configurations, learning styles among the researchers, and any other relevant issues, we can co-construct the perfect agenda.

A standard menu of topics

Regardless of the data used in the training, the following topics can be included (two days are required to address everything):

  • Creating a project and importing data
  • Developing a coding structure and coding source materials
  • Exploring strategies for coding inductively as well as deductively
  • Managing non-text data (video etc.)
  • Keeping track of emerging thoughts and analytical notes within the project (memos and annotations)
  • Sorting or filtering qualitative data with demographics and other variables (age, gender, ethnicity, GPA, Likert Scale responses, etc.)
  • Conducting searches to reveal patterns (and thereby build theories)
  • Generating output in textual or numeric form (narrative reports, tables, charts, etc.)
  • Developing graphic representations (existing/emerging theories, conceptual frameworks, literature reviews, social networks, coding structures, etc.)
  • Promoting effective team research (dividing up tasks, the debates regarding coder reliability, and tips for managing the different stages of team research).

Additional topics can also be added to those listed above. Just let us know!

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