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Conducting a feasibility study
Reviewing relevant literature
Writing a grant or proposal
Planning for ethical practices
Serving as an IRB liaison
Facilitating project meetings
Managing time lines
Collecting data
Securing study participants
Tracking Participants
Developing protocols
Interviewing participants
Facilitating focus groups
Recording data
Storing data
Analyzing data
Developing graphs and charts
Crafting presentations
Presenting findings
Writing research results
Editing final products
Serving as community liaison

Research Services

Delegating the work

You might want more than someone to simply consult with you on your project Ė you need someone to get the work done! With our extensive experience in qualitative research we can manage all or part of your study for you. We'll work closely with your staff to make sure the project meets all your specifications and timelines, or we'll scope out these timelines for you.

A menu of options

If you are interested in Queri's research services, you may choose from any of the activities listed to the right. We will also consider other tasks relevant for your particular study, so please donít hesitate to ask for additional options.*

* Many of these services are not available to doctoral students, whose participation in all portions of the research process is necessary for skill acquisition/demonstration. Doctoral students are welcome to inquire about Queri software coaching sessions as alternatives.

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