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Advanced NVivo (1 day)
This is an intensive and focused one-day training, in which participants work only on their data throughout the entire day. The training will be conducted with "NVivo 11 Pro" for Windows, although the session is also appropriate for individuals using "NVivo 11 Starter" for Windows, "NVivo Plus" for Windows, or "NVivo 10" for Windows. Limited to 6 participants. The Advanced training requires 80 hours of prior use of NVivo and is ideal for:
  • Researchers who have successfully used NVivo, but wonder if they fully utilized the capabilities of the software.
  • Qualitative methods instructors who want to create their own training modules with a familiar data set.
  • Principal Investigators who are familiar with the software and responsible for guiding/supporting others through a research project.
  • PhD students who are finishing up their analysis but have already coded a significant amount of their data.
After you register for the advanced session, the coach will contact you to discuss your specific research and your goals for the training. The following items will then be crafted into a training that meets the needs of all six attendees: Data types, Classifications, Attributes, Collections, Links, Queries, Reports, Extracts, Models (and the Relationship tool), Externals, Interface with Excel/SPSS or bibliographic databases, and team research issues (such as reliability, geographically dispersed team members, etc.).

It is recommended (although not required) that you send sample documents, a list of codes, and a one-page summary of research objectives to the coach prior to the advanced seminar.
Regular Price $350
Student Price $325
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